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Technology-Mediated Narrative Environments for Learning

(SensePublishers 2006, ISBN: 90-77874-15-1) è il primo libro sugli ambienti di apprendimento narrativi, prodotto nell'ambito dello Special Interest Group "Narrative and Learning Environments" (http://www.noe-kaleidoscope.org/nle/) della rete di eccellenza Kaleidocope, di cui l'ITD fa parte.

Il volume è stato curato da due ricercatrici dell'Istituto Tecnologie Didattiche - Giuliana Dettori e Tania Giannetti - in collaborazione con Ana Paiva e Ana Vaz dell'INESC-ID (Lisbona, Portogallo).

L'editore consente il download gratuito del volume in formato PDF non stampabile all'indirizzo http://www.sensepublishers.com/books/otherbooks/90-77874-15-1.htm

Narrative has always been used as a means for learning, both in school and in informal contexts.
Technology has further increased the possibilities of exploiting its potential for education. Is there an added value, though, in using technology to realize narrative learning experiences? And what are the advantages of embedding narrative in technology-based learning environments? Addressing such questions is the aim and focus of this volume.

The book includes 12 chapters analysing different ways of building and using technology-mediated narrative learning environments or highlighting aspects that can help the reader gain a deeper understanding of their educational potential. The focus is not limited to cognition, but includes also motivation and emotion, which are important components of learning.

The book originates from the work of the Special Interest Group "Narrative and Learning Environments"of the Kaleidoscope Network of Excellence. It is addressed to teachers, educators, parents, cultural operators, researchers and software designers, and aims to help all of them increase their ability to exploit, appreciate and enjoy their work with technology-mediated narrative learning environments.

172 pages